Netwurks Xcel 21

Our Newest Product. Now in a store near you or order online.

Defines Natural Curls and Wave, Adds Moisture and Shine plus Stops Split Ends

There is no other Coconut Pudding Custard like Xcel 21. Once you try it you will love it.

Customer shares her picture of before and after using Netwurks Xcel 21 for two weeks, results show 90% of regrowth.

Netwurks Xcel 21 is not sticky, tacky, oily, or greasy. Our product is perfect for all hair types and can be used with any of your regular products for natural hair.

Netwurks Hair Revitalizer Xcel 21 is formulated with a special combination of proteins to help stimulate and promote hair growth. Xcel 21 contains Biotin and Keratin proteins to help stop split ends and hair breakage. Infused with special conditioning muccopolysaccharides to help promote your hair to grow faster. Within 21 days or less you may notice a difference in your hair. When used as a detangler Xcel 21 will leave your hair tangle free and will help stop breakage.

Then you need XCEL 21

Is your hair breaking from hair extensions, split ends, dry, damaged,

over processed relaxers or just falling out more then you would like it to ?

You will love Xcel 21  Hair Revitalizer


                                                                XCEL 21 WILL STOP SPLIT ENDS and BREAKAGE