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Netwurks Xcel 21

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Netwurks Xcel 21 –  Revitalizing Shampoo

There are shampoos and then there is Netwurks Revitalizing Shampoo.  Our shampoo contains Mucopolysaccharides  that is specially blended to our specification so it will work together with our Hair Revitalizer Spray or our Hair and Scalp Cream. By using our shampoo combined with these other Xcel 21 products, you should see better results faster. And if you use the Xcel 21 shampoo on a regular basis, you will notice your hair feels and looks better as it works to help stop split ends and breakage. Xcel 21 shampoo is perfect for all hair types, however, it’s especially recommended for dry, flaky, itchy hair and scalp.


Netwurks Xcel 21 – Hair Revitalizer Spray

Xcel 21 Spray leave in conditioner was developed to help stop split ends and breakage. When directions are followed, you will notice in 21 days or less an increase in growth. The special blend of ingredients combined with Mucopolysaccarides formulated by Netwurks is the major reason. There are no other products that work like Xcel 21 Revitalizer Spray. We also recommend using the Spray Revitalizer daily as a detangler. This will leave your hair tangle free without breakage and stop split ends.

Netwurks Xcel 21 -  Cream Hair & Scalp Revitalizer

You’re going to love Xcel 21 Cream Hair & Scalp Revitalizer, the way it feels and leaves your hair and scalp in the utmost condition. We have produced a unique blend of Aloe Vera, Biotin, together with Mucopolysaccharides, to give you a leave in conditioner that helps give sheen, softness and manageability. This deep penetrating formula prevents dryness and helps protect breakage.
Netwurks Xcel 21 Cream contains no Petrolatum.

When used in combination with the Xcel 21 family of products you will also notice an increase in healthy hair growth.

Netwurks Xcel 21 - Coconut Curl Custard Pudding  15 oz.

Defines Curls and Waves, made with Coconut Oil and our unique blend of Mucopolysaccharide to help stop hair lose and split ends while you define those natural waves and curls. No Petrolatum, No Mineral Oils, No Alcohol and No Parabens used. If you have tried other Puddings or Custards, you have to try Xcel 21 as you will see the difference like no other. Your hair will feel wonderful the day you do a wash out.